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The Dene (Dené) are an aboriginal group of First Nations that live primarily in the Arctic regions of Canada. Dene is a compound of two words: De means "flow" and Ne meaning "Mother Earth". Dene homeland is referred to as Denendeh, meaning "the Creator's Spirit flows through this Land".
Dene were the first people to settle in what is now the Northwest Territories. In northern Canada, historically there were ethnic feuds between the Dene and the Inuit. However the hostility has ceased for the most parts after the 20th century and formal reconcilatory efforts are being made.
Behchoko, Northwest Territories is the largest Dene community in Canada.


The Dene include five main groups:
  • Chipewyan (Denesuline), living east of Great Slave Lake, and including the Sayisi Dene living at Tadoule Lake, Manitoba
  • Tli Cho (Dogrib), living between Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes
  • Yellowknives (T'atsaot'ine), formerly living north of Great Slave Lake, and now absorbed into the Chipewyan
  • Slavey (Deh Gah Got'ine or Deh Cho), living along the Mackenzie River (Deh Cho) southwest of Great Slave Lake
  • Sahtu (Sahtu' T'ine), including the Locheux, Nahanni, and Bear Lake peoples, in the southwestern NWT.
In 2005 elders from the Dene People decided to join the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) seeking recognition for their ancestral cultural and land rights.


The Dené speak Northern Athabaskan languages (Northwestern Canada group) of the Na-Dené language family. The Dené have a linguistic relative in the US: the Diné (Navajo), who speak Southern Athabaskan.

Notable Dene

  • Ethel Blondin-Andrew, former MP for Western Arctic, the federal riding that comprises the Northwest Territories.
  • Leela Gilday, Canadian folk singer, Juno winner (2007), nominee (2003), 3x Canadian Aboriginal Music Award winner (2002)
  • Lynx River, the fictional town on the Canadian television series North of 60 was a Slavey Dene community.


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